Last Updated: August 9, 2023
Tanka Acceptable Use Policy

This Tanka Acceptable Use Policy (the “Acceptable Use Policy”) sets out rules to ensure good behavior for the use of our Services, and you must read and agree to be bound by these Acceptable Use Policy. Capitalized terms (including the term “we”, “our”, “us”, “you”, “your” and “Tanka”) used but not defined in this Acceptable Use Policy have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Tanka Terms of Service, which is available at (“Terms of Service”).

If you have any questions about this Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us using the details at the end of this Acceptable Use Policy.

1. General

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the use of our Services by users. Where you have (or we reasonably believe you have) breached this Acceptable Use Policy, we may, at our discretion, do any or all of the following:

- Issue a warning regarding your behavior.

- Refrain from displaying or remove the relevant content relating to such breach (or reasonably suspected breach).

- Display a notice to recipients of the relevant content to take precaution due to a suspected or confirmed breach of this Acceptable Use Policy.

- Restrict you from using certain account functions or suspend or terminate your account.

- Where we reasonably believe that you have committed a crime or are otherwise required to do so under applicable laws, notify and cooperate with appropriate governmental and/or law enforcement authorities in the relevant jurisdiction.

While we will aim to apply this Acceptable Use Policy consistently across all jurisdictions, in some jurisdictions there may be specific requirements under applicable laws which necessitate differing applications of parts of this Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, the laws applicable to the use of our Services are constantly evolving, so please remain alert to changes of laws and rules applicable to users in other jurisdictions. You may contact us at, if you have any questions on the actions taken against you in accordance with this Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Violence and Crime

We prohibit violent, criminal, illegal, or inappropriate content when using our Services. In particular, we aim to ensure that any content which may (in our opinion) constitute a genuine risk of harm or direct threat to public safety are removed as soon as practical. In addition, any content that breaches any applicable laws or regulations will be removed as soon as practical. Such content or behavior may include the following:

- Threats to others, including statements of intent regarding committing violence (including murder or offering services for hire to kill others) or other criminal actions (e.g., kidnapping).

- Instructions on how to make weapons or explosives.

- Misinformation that contributes to imminent violence or physical harm.

- Any organization that promotes or is in the business/has the aim of promoting any illegal activities.

- Promoting or publicizing violent crime, theft, and/or fraud.

- Facilitating or coordinating future criminal activity.

We also ban any organizations or persons who are involved in any of the above, including any related coordination or promotion.

Criminal and/or illegal activities in different jurisdictions may include:

- Terrorist activity, organised hate, kidnapping, human trafficking, or organized criminal activity.

- Violent acts – e.g., murder, harm against people or animals (excluding legal activities such as boxing, hunting or food preparation).

- Offering of illegal goods or services – e.g., services for hire to kill others, sale of prohibited or illegal products, sale of goods or services that have been illegally procured (e.g., stolen information or goods), distribution of counterfeit currency.

- Theft.

- Vandalism/property damage.

- Swatting – i.e., making false reports of an emergency.

- Fraud/embezzlement, or money laundering.

- Activities that breach consumer protection-related requirements – e.g., false advertising and trading of fake goods/services.

- Gambling.

3. Personal Safety

We want to provide a secure and safe environment for all of our users while they are using our Services.

To that end, we prohibit any content or behavior relating to, depicting, promoting or encouraging participation in, or soliciting any of the following:

- Suicide and self-injury – including euthanasia, self-mutilation, drastic weight loss and dangerous cosmetic procedures.

- Child nudity and exploitation – including any content where adults are soliciting minors (and vice versa).

- Sexual exploitation of adults – e.g., acts or photos involving non-consenting adults, paid sexual services, and other types of pornography (whether its public distribution was consented to or otherwise).

- Bullying and harassment – with a focus particularly on those who are underage and including any contact (e.g., messages or calls) that involves any bullying behavior.

- Human exploitation – e.g., human trafficking (depriving a person of liberty for profit) and human smuggling (procuring or facilitating illegal entry into a state), with or without coercion or force and with or without a sexual element.

- Other behavior that (in our opinion) is reasonably likely to cause upset and/or distress.

4. Protection of Privacy and Private/Confidential Information

We are committed to protecting our users' privacy and private/confidential information and prohibit the sharing or publication of any such information without the relevant user's express consent or other legal basis. Such prohibited behaviors include:

- Identity theft.

- Posting of personal information without consent (including "doxxing" – i.e., the publication of a data subject's identity information with the intent of causing harassment, alarm or distress).

- Posting of any information that was procured via hacking or other illegal or unethical means.

- Unauthorized exposure of residences/safe houses.

- Posting of a minor's information.

In addition, we always treat and protect our users' personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Objectionable Content

We prohibit objectionable content and behavior in the use of our Services. We view objectionable content and behavior as being any content or behavior that is reasonably likely to cause upset and/or distress, either to the subject and/or to the public. This may include:

- Hate speech – e.g., a direct attack based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, or other forms of "dehumanizing" speech or imagery.

- Graphic content of violence – including against both human beings and animals (and whether alive or dead).

- Nudity and sexual activity.

- Sexual solicitation – e.g., sharing of pornography or explicit offers of/requests for sexual services.

- Cruel and insensitive material, or other abusive behavior – e.g., targeting victims of serious physical or emotional harm, calls for a person's death, revenge pornography, and false claims (e.g., false negative character/ability claims).

- Fraudulent or deceptive activity – e.g, scams, coordinated inauthentic behavior, disinformation, and pseudo-pharmaceuticals.

- Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law or offering tailored legal advice without a qualified person reviewing the information.

- Offering tailored financial advice without a qualified person reviewing the information.

- Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition or providing instructions on how to treat or cure a health condition.

6. Authentic Content and Behavior

We aim to ensure that content and behavior in the use of our Services remains authentic, by attempting to eliminate false news, disinformation, misinformation, false advertising, fraud and security breaches found in our Services. To that end, we prohibit the following content:

- Spam content – including using fake accounts or compromising other people's accounts to message people or otherwise create connections or content; and attempting to engage with other users under false pretenses (e.g., falsely using login credentials, or distributing fake information).

- Any manipulation or disruption of our Services – including manipulating or disrupting other users' use of our Services.

- Coordinating, spreading, distributing or participating in inauthentic behavior, including in relation to false news, disinformation or misinformation and in relation to a topic or individual).

- Using our Services on behalf of governmental entities, without full disclosure. You may not use the Services to engage in high-risk government decision making, including law enforcement, criminal justice, migration, and asylum.

- Synthetic or manipulated content that may deceive, confuse or harm others (including deepfakes).

Various jurisdictions have implemented laws in this area. We will comply with such laws where required to do so (including governmental requests and court orders made in accordance with such laws).

7. Misuse of our Services

We prohibit misuse of our Services, as well as any use of our Services that infringes (or potentially infringes) on our rights, or otherwise is technically disruptive of our Services. This includes:

- Misrepresenting your own identity – e.g., using a false name or birth date, uploading false photos that purport to be you, misleading users or us about the source or origin of any content;

- Creating false accounts, or creating multiple accounts for misuse of our Services;

- Creating an account after we have prohibited your use of our Services;

- Providing false information to us, including during your registration process;

- Sharing your account with another user(s);

- Using our Services to harass any other users;

- Breaching any other registration requirements that we may have from time to time;

- Using or exploiting any of our intellectual property rights (including our trademarks, brand name, logo, any other of our proprietary information or the layout or design of any page), or otherwise infringing any of our intellectual property rights (including attempting to reverse engineer any applications or software used to access our Services);

- Accessing our Services, collecting or processing any content made available through our Services, or sending or redirecting any communications through our Services, in each case through the use of any automated bots, software, engines, crawlers, scrapers, data mining tools or the like, or attempting to do any of the foregoing;

- Engaging in any "framing," "mirroring" or other techniques to simulate the appearance or function of our Services;

- Interfering with, or attempting to interfere with, any user's or any other party's access to our Services;

- Intentionally distributing viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files or other malicious code or items;

- Probing or testing the vulnerability of, or otherwise circumventing (or attempting to circumvent) any security features on, our Services, our systems or the systems of other users;

- Decompiling, reverse compiling or reverse engineering any Software Products, or seeking to do any of the foregoing, except to the extent that applicable laws and regulations do not allow us to prevent you from doing this;

- Sub-licensing, renting, leasing or selling Software of our Services;

- Using Software Products to gain unauthorized access to any system, account or data;

- Directly or indirectly charging others for use or access to the Software of our Services;

- Directly or indirectly suggesting our support or endorsement of any product, service or content;

- Making Software Products available for copying, download or use by any person or persons;

- Removing, obscuring or modifying any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notice, marks or indications found in or on Software Products;

- Misrepresenting the source or ownership of Software Products;

- Copying, reproducing, adapting, modifying, translating or creating derivate works from Software Products, or lending, hiring, renting, performing, sub-licensing, making available to the public, broadcasting, distributing, transmitting or otherwise using any Item in whole or in part, or attempting to do any of the foregoing;

- Attempting to disrupt or interfere with Software Products including manipulating the legitimate operation of Software Products;

- Using cheats, exploits, automation software or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with Software Products;

- Disrupting or overburdening any computer or server used to offer or support Software Products, or other users' use of Software Products; or

- Developing any plug-ins, external components, compatibles or interconnection elements or other technology that inter-operate with Software Products, except where we expressly permit you to do so via our Services (and where this is the case, your use of such Software Products may be subject to additional terms and conditions as notified by us to you).

8. Regulated Goods and Services

In various jurisdictions, certain goods and services may be illegal, or they may only be distributed and/or sold subject to qualifications and restrictions. We acknowledge that different jurisdictions may treat various goods and services differently. This needs to be balanced against our aim of applying this Acceptable Use Policy fairly and consistently for all users internationally. Therefore, in some circumstances, we may entirely prohibit the sale or distribution of certain items. In other circumstances, we may permit such sale or distribution, subject to certain restrictions as issued by us (e.g., age or geographical limit). Such restrictions will take into account applicable laws and guidelines and may be updated by us from time to time at our sole discretion.

Such items may include:

- Drugs – including medical or pharmaceutical drugs that require licensing or other legal approvals before they can be distributed, and other non-medical or recreational drugs (e.g., marijuana).

- Firearm parts, ammunition and other weapons of violence – including 3D printing files of such items.

- Sale or trade of human organs and body parts, including human blood.

- Alcohol and tobacco products.

- Cosmetic procedures, including weight loss products.

9. Our Treatment of Intellectual Property Rights and Other Content

We take intellectual property rights seriously, and always aim to ensure that the use of our Services complies with all applicable intellectual property rights-related laws and regulations. We may at any time remove any content that infringes upon a party's intellectual property and/or other proprietary rights.

In addition to the requirements set forth in our Terms of Service, we comply with the following requests (subject to applicable laws and in accordance with relevant policies of our Services):

- User requests to remove their own account, including parents requesting for removal of an underage account.

- Requests to remove a deceased user's account from a verified immediate family member or executor.

- Requests to remove an incapacitated user's account from an authorised representative.

- Requests to remove material relating to an underage minor in certain circumstances.

10. Promotional Political Content

We prohibit promotional political content on our Services, where (i) a person or entity has paid for such promotional political content (including any relevant advertisements) to be displayed on our Services; or (ii) the relevant promotional political content does not comply with any applicable laws or regulations.

“Promotional political content” is any promotional content regarding (i) a candidate for an election; a political party; or any elected or appointed government official (and an "election" includes an election, referendum or political ballot); or (ii) a law, regulation or judicial outcome, including changes to any such matter. In addition, we do not accept promotional political content from or paid for by a candidate for an election; a political party; or any elected or appointed government official. Promotional political content may include the following: (a) appealing for votes for an election; (b) appealing for financial support for a political purpose; (c) appealing for changes to a law, regulation or judicial outcome; and (d) advocacy for or against any subject matter of promotional political content.

We acknowledge that different jurisdictions have various laws governing promotional political content. We will comply with such laws where required to do so, including the maintenance of information regarding political advertisements and disclosure of such information to relevant regulatory authorities. In addition, governmental authorities may require the removal of promotional political content in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We will continue to review this area and will consider implementing country-specific or other restrictions or qualifications from time to time. We will notify our users where we implement such restrictions or qualifications.

11. How to Contact Us

Please contact us at to report any breaches (or potential breaches) of this Acceptable Use Policy, or if you have any other questions regarding this Acceptable Use Policy.

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